Album: Soulja Boy – Swag Mixtape


Soulja-Boy-Swag-Mixtape-ArtworkSoulja Boy blesses us with his new 25-track project “Swag The Mixtape”


Soulja Boy recently dropped his single “Cake,” in which he blatantly co-opts Young Thug’s flow. On Friday he dropped Swag The Mixtape, where “Cake” is featured alongside 24 (!) other tracks.On Swag, which was released via the Rich Gang imprint, Soulja Boy gets some help from Chief Keef, Migos, Ca$h Out, Troy Ave, Peewee Longway and Johnny Cinco, as well as some production from Zaytoven. But is it enough to save Soujla from himself? Decide for yourself. Whether or not you like Swag The Mixtape, you probably agree that Soulja Boy would benefit from getting back to his roots, a.k.a. those “Crank Dat” steel drums.

01. Lingo (Watch Me Swag) DOWNLOAD
02. Yeen Heard Feat. Migos (Prod. By Zaytoven)  DOWNLOAD
03. PeeWee Checks In (RichGang) DOWNLOAD
04. Money Be Coming In DOWNLOAD
05. Came And Got Rich DOWNLOAD
06. Way Up Feat. Johnny Cinco DOWNLOAD
07. Rollin Feat. Chief Keef DOWNLOAD
08. Salute Feat. Cah Out DOWNLOAD
09. Cake (Prod. By ISO beats) DOWNLOAD
10. GOD Feat. Pack Strong (Prod. By Buck Nasty) DOWNLOAD
11. Gettin Dough Feat. Paul Allen DOWNLOAD
12. Water DOWNLOAD
13. I Never Say Sorry DOWNLOAD
14. Fleek Feat. Chella H (Produced by DaRealHeatMaker) DOWNLOAD
15. What I Know DOWNLOAD
16. No Hesitation DOWNLOAD
17. Hella Klips DOWNLOAD
18. Hot Shit DOWNLOAD
19. Broad Day DOWNLOAD
20. Da Swag Feat. Calico Jonez DOWNLOAD
21. Free Base Feat. Calico Jonez DOWNLOAD
22. Beach DOWNLOAD
23. Bitch Shut Up DOWNLOAD
24. Syrup Feat. Paul Allen Kyle Massey
25. A Billion DOWNLOAD


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